Nature Happenings

  • Peak month for summer wildflowers to bloom.

  • Month of the spider: their numbers and webs reach their peak this month.

  • Shorebird migration builds and waterfowl migration starts.

  • Squirrels give birth to their second broods.

  • Purple Martins go south (adults by the start of the month, juveniles by the end of the month).

  • Butterflies such as Gulf Fritillary, Ocola Skipper and Queen migrate along the coastal plain and inland in the east of the region.

  • Chimney Swifts can be seen in large flocks over chimneys at dusk.

  • Second brood of hummingbirds begin to appear at feeders early- to mid-month.

  • Perseids Meteor shower is mid-month.

 Wildflowers in TX Hill Country

The 10 Most Common Spiders in TX: 

  • Grass Spiders. These are funnel weavers and they like to make their homes in corners. .

  • Orb Weavers. There are many varieties of orb weaver spiders. 

  • Woodlouse Hunter. 

  • Carolina Wolf Spider. 

  • Brown Widows. 

  • Common House Spider.

  • The Texas Recluse. 

  • The Gray Wall Jumping Spider.

  • Crab Spiders

  • The Longbodied Cellar Spider

 Shorebirds gathering to flock & migrate

 Grey Squirrel & baby

 Purple Martins

 Gulf Fritillary

 Ocola Skipper

 Queen Butterfly

 Flock of Chimney Swifts

Hummingbird egg and 1 day-old hatchling

 Perseids Meteor Shower