Help! I'm molting . . .

  Offer the right foods during molting season and help birds as they replace their fallen feathers.

  Feathers are amazingly tough, but they do wear out and need to be replaced. Most adult song birds molt (shed) and replace their feathers once a year. Most backyard feeder birds molt from July-September. Some molt through October like Downy Woodpeckers, Mourning Doves and Eastern Bluebirds. American and Lesser Goldfinches can molt through December. 

 Typically, birds molt feathers in regular patterns or on specific parts of their bodies, and it may take weeks or months for birds to complete the molting cycle. A diet low in proteins and fats may cause feathers to be improperly colored or form defectively such as being frayed or curved. If their colors are duller birds may have trouble attracting a mate.

 Be sure to keep your feeders well-stocked with the high-fat and high-protein foods that will help them grow new feathers.


NESTING SUPERBLEND! This is what your birds need from early Spring through early Fall to meet their needs to support nesting and all the feather changes that come from molting. Offer by itself or mix it with your favorite birdseed.


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